Students are placed in classes according to age and ability level. If he/she feels the student is not in the appropriate class, the teacher may move adjust the student’s class placement.



Jazz/Contemporary/Stretch & Musical Theater- Attire: form fitting dance clothes, black jazz shoes. Hair: pulled back out of face
Tap- Attire: form fitting dance clothes, black tap shoes.  Hair: pulled back out of face
Hip Hop- Attire: anything you can move in and feel comfortable wearing, sneakers.  Hair: pulled back out of face.
Kids ‘N’ Motion – Attire:  leotard and tights (NO UNDERWEAR), pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes. Hair: pulled back out of face
Boys- Attire: T-shirt, shorts or pants (NOT TOO BAGGY) black ballet shoes, black jazzshoes, black tap shoes.  Hair: combed away from the face.

Ballet Ages 6+ –  Color-coded leotards dependent on ballet level, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.  Hair: should be worn in a bun. Upon receiving ballet placement, students will be measured and order leotards through the office. Youth leotards are $25 and adult leotards are $30. If the leotards do not arrive by the first week of fall classes, students will not be held to a strict uniform policy until they arrive.

Level 1 grape

Level 2 royal blue

Level 3 black cherry

Level 4 navy

Level 5 black

Our ballet levels are designed to have clarity and distinction in regard to dancers’ training and progress for our dance classes ages 6+ (Level1-5). Although this may change the name/number of our current dancers’ level placement, this does not mean that they have been moved down, just that we are re-labeling or shifting the sequence so we may be more specific, have a better progression and more room to grow, and have the opportunity to create higher levels as our dancers continue to increase their comprehension and ability.

Ballet Placement – Ballet Placement classes will be held on Saturday, August 12th. This is required for all dancers who plan to enroll in ballet classes at TDS who have not yet been evaluated. If you have already been placed and which to be reevaluated, you may also attend the placement class on August 12th. The fee is $10 per dancer. Placements will be emailed to each dancer by Monday, August 14th. Below is the schedule:

10:00-10:45 Ages 6-8

11:00-11:45 Ages 9-12

12:00-12:45 Ages 13+

No jewelry of any kind should be worn in class. (Stud earrings are ok)


The Dance Spot will conduct an annual recital each June. Costumes will range in price ($65-$75 each) and a recital fee of $60 per dancer and $80 per family is required. (This fee will go towards the auditorium and 2-4 tickets per dancer) Extra tickets will be available for purchase.


Regular attendance is essential to ensure proper development. Excessive tardiness and absences will not be tolerated. If a student misses a class, s/he can make it up within that paid month in any similar class. (You may ask your instructor for available make-up options.)


NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR CLASSES MISSED. If you decide to withdraw from the studio, we must receive a 30-day notice in writing or you will be responsible for the tuition covering that 30-day period. There are no exceptions to this policy.


-Students must wear a cover-up to and from TDS at all times.
-Students may not wear dance shoes outside TDS.
-Students may not wear jewelry of any kind in class. (Stud earrings are permitted.)
-Please do not leave young children unattended at anytime.
-Yelling or horseplay inside TDS are not allowed.
-Parents and visitors watching in the lobby must not disturb students or instructors while class is in session, unless it is an emergency.
-If a student is more than 15 minutes late, s/he may be asked to watch class.  Tardiness affects the teacher, the students and the entire  tone of the class.  Parents and students should make every effort to be on time and ready when class begins.
-Teachers reserve the right to dismiss any student who disturbs the class at any time.
-TDS reserves the right to cancel a class if there is low enrollment.
-TDS is not responsible for stolen or lost property. (Label ALL dancewear and shoes with your child’s name)
-Cell phones are not permitted in the dance rooms.
-Students may bring a water bottle to class but must keep it in their dance bag.
-Snacks are not allowed in dance rooms.
-Parents must pick their child up on time! Instructors are not responsible for watching students who are not picked up on time.


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